Concrete Technology and It's Importance in Construction Industry

Concrete is the mother constituent of the construction industry and the largest manufactured material in the world after water. According to...

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 Who am I?

Amit Singh founder of Concrete Technology and Quality Concepts
Amit Singh, QA/QC at Omkar RMC, Birtamode, Nepal

 Hello dear.

    I am Amit Singh, founder of the blog "Concrete Technology and Quality Concepts". I have worked as a Quality Engineer in a Ready Mix Concrete Plant for the past 5 years.

The concrete manufacturing plant has supplied concrete of varying grades from M5 to M60 under my Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Through this blog, I am trying to reach an audience involved in the construction sector, whether a contractor, a concrete manufacturer, or a civil engineering student, and share my experience with them.

The blog deals with various aspects of Concrete Technology and Quality Concepts. It has been presented in simple language and is supplemented by numerous live examples, charts, and tables and it has a specific recommendation based on my knowledge and experience which gives simple and scientific procedures for the benefit of practicing engineers and concrete technologists.

If you want to know more about me you can check my Facebook profile or contact me.